Cowboy Mafia Popped Up Out Of Nowhere and Raised Absolute Hell


Cowboy Mafia. What a name. The self-produced, Nashville-based duo is a band that I can 110% guarantee you have never heard of before because up until now, their likeness was purely just a seed of an idea. Their members, Nick Devitt and ROYSMITH have been releasing music independently for a while now, but it wasn’t until they recently came together to form the group Cowboy Mafia that everything truly seemed to click.

Their sound equates to if Post Malone and Jean Dawson had a grungey baby, combining the harmonious elements of classic pop melodies with the grimey characteristics of pop-punk music. With roots in Nashville, this sound is the last thing you would expect to hear from two young cowboys, but what they have to offer is undoubtedly enough to raise hell across the rest of the nation.

Their first single as a duo, “Raise Hell” does nothing less to the depths of your soul. With ROYSMITH kicking off the track with his distinctive pop melodies before leading into Nick Devitt‘s punchy and assertive rap flow, both of them together create an infectious experience that leaves every hair on your body standing on end. The entire track from beginning to end is truly remarkable and quickly became the lead single on my Morning Commute playlist.

I’m going to be honest; I have heard unreleased music from these two since this track dropped because I was super intrigued and had to reach out. On everything I believe in, “Raise Hell” is legitimately not even in the same league as what these guys have in the vault and it’s STILL FIRE. I’ll be the first to say that this duo is definitely one to keep an eye on as they continue to unfold their presence. “Raise Hell” is purely just a taste of what’s to come. Listen to “Raise Hell” below.


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