Tundra’s “SMACK” is a Must Listen


Upcoming artist Tundra drops a video with his hit “SMACK”. Being unfamiliar with Tundra until this release, I’m now a fan. With the title being “SMACK”, it just makes sense. The high energy he brought to the song literally will smack you in the face. Produced by True Beatz we get this beat that also smacks you in the face, but with finesse. The song is short, but that’s the point. If it was dragged out it wouldn’t have that oomph that it delivers with. Keeping it simple and intriguing, Tundra knew exactly what he was doing.

For the video, Mason Luckiewicz took control and did his thing. The creative elements that were brought into making this video will also smack you in the face too. From all aspects, this song and video is what you need when you’re looking for a good time in music. Tundra has caught my attention and I’m sure this video will grab yours too.


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