Shaio And Devstacks Bless SoundCloud With Hypnotic Anthem “Gettin To It”


At this point, it’s no secret that Shaio and Devstacks are some of the hottest names in underground music right now. With the boys over at Underground Sound crowning Dev the Number 1 Artist in the Underground last month, the entire team at Afterlife Presents has been gaining tons of momentum and continued to keep it pushing.

Coming out the gate on a Wednesday with surprise drop “Gettin To It,” Shaio and Devstacks each put their best foot forward. The symphonic masterpiece starts off with soft angelic strings produced by Diameex that have easily become a staple to Devstacks’ sound, familiar to previous drops such as “Where Yo Swag” and “4PF.” As the track builds with rhythmic pads and calculated bells, Shaio and Dev seem to glide across the instrumental in a hypnotic way. It’s the type of record that provokes you to quickly flip on repeat so you can experience that transcendental state time and time again.

It’s safe to assume that anything Dev and Shaio bring to the table these days is going to have high replay value. As you wrap up your work day, do yourself a favor; unwind to this meditative healing record posted by Afterlife Radio. As a matter of fact, get used to tuning into whatever they repost and release because odds are, over time you’ll find yourself habitually hitting that like button and saving track after track to your playlist.

Listen to “Gettin To It” below.