Daily Chiefers Presents: Our Favorite Projects From November


With singles becoming the more popular move, projects still hold its own weight. And even though it seems to be a single-based economy, the project/mixtape warriors seem to be the artists making it through the initial layer of this hip-hop hierarchy.

Coming out of Brooklyn, New York, one of New York’s biggest slayers ABG Neal released his first project ever in Cocaine Cowboy, proving that he doesn’t just drop singles and sell crack to your neighborhood junkie. One of my personal favorites from this batch is Babyface Ray’s MIA Season 2 and Broward representer F$O Dinero‘s long-awaited, Color Money. Both projects dope in their own unique way.

03 Greedo and Kenny BeatsNetflix & Deal is probably a moment in time that you’ll want to cherish. There’s not many producers that care about music like Kenny, and Greedo‘s style is one for the ages. I don’t need to say more, this shit is timeless.

To round out the batch, we also feature our guys ARForeign JayThouxanbanfauni, NoCapCa$hbabii, Rod WaveNolanberollin, and WADE08. All in all, November was a good 30 days. Check it out.

ABG Neal – Cocaine Cowboy

F$O Dinero – Color Money

Foreign Jay – GRAVE STAR

Babyface Ray – MIA Season 2

NoCap – Hood Dict

Thouxanbanfauni – October 34th

AR – Man Time

Pasto Flocco (Ca$hbabii) – Distinct

Nolanberollin – Ultrabeanman

Rod Wave – Ghetto Gospel

WADE08 – Blap

03 Greedo & Kenny Beats – Netflix And Deal


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