XVXPARIS’ Music Is Beyond Fire!


Once again, the internet has thrown ya boy a bone. And it’s in the form of rising newcomer, XVXPARIS. Per usual, I was going through my SoundCloud recommendations and stumbled upon XVXPARIS‘ insanely infectious record, “Harden,” featuring fellow newcomer, Steele 11.

Hailing from Kansas, XVXPARIS‘ sound is completely refreshing, sounding futuristic more than anything else, but in a very infectious way. His “Harden” record is an absolute smash, sounding like a NAV record without any corniness.

His latest jam, “GETB@CK,” is another impressive record from rising newcomer, tapping EDDIECHOPPA on the insane, melodic production. No telling when he plans on dropping a project, but best believe we’re going to keep you posted. This kid is a star. Check out “Harden” and “GETB@CK” below, and stay tuned for more.


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