Daily Chiefers Presents Some Gas As Of Late: Our Frosted Favorites


So we have this new approach to Chiefers with it still retaining the authenticity and honesty our following has grown to love. But instead of shoving every release down your throat we’re here to showcase what we’ve been rocking to for a minute. Consider this us sifting through the bullshit to procure a wondrous amount of great music. Yes, you’re gonna sit there and criticize from your keyboard, but guess what? You don’t have a journalism degree from the University of Cincinnati that took five years to acquire for a normal four-year program. And your ear only enjoys bland, alabaster, nonsensical garbage, so let your boy handle this.

Luke Bar$ – Die With Pride

Luke Bar$ is a member of Van Buren Records and he unveiled an astounding project in 2019 called GoodEvil. This cut “Die With Pride”, directed by FufuNsoup, was a personal favorite off there because of his sheer vocal ability. The layering of his auditory octaves atop a brilliant set of production from Latrell James & Teddy Meanface makes this one quite special. Van Buren always comes to play, stay tuned for plenty more on the way.

Tony Shhnow – TikTok

Tony Shhnow has a been a huge part of the rising Atlanta music scene for a few years now, but this video for “TikTok” gifts us such a mellow ride. With the production from Cashcashe, a rising star flourishing out of the south, we see Tony float above his competition in a spectacular manner. Nothing over done in these shots provided by Jelani Miller, crispy clean edits to match his top-tier banter. Keep watching Shhnow, he’s gonna be around for a minute.

Speedway Forgiato – No Sleep

Speedway Forgiato taps in one more time with No Future for his new visuals entitled “No Sleep.” This kid has been on our pages before and this cut is just as solid than the last. He provides an infectious tone and cadence throughout the duration of the song. With this bellowing production from 100yrd and BUKU!, Forgiato shows up to talk his shit. On top of that I have a strange feeling that if this caught the right ears or eyes, it would only be a matter of time before the world loves it. Speedway stays in the pocket, always calm and collected, but his laid-back style is the farthest thing from boring. Do yourself a favor and peep his newest mixtape Forgiato Season as well, this shit is gas.

Benji Blue Bills – G6 G6

Benji Blue Bills is a name that will ring out from the rafters when its all said and done. His energy is electric and spews creativity through his vocals and choice of beats. In these new visuals for “G6 G6” Benji floats over production from WorkingOnDying and DolanBeats, so the instrumentation was handled by some legends. Sharing time in between the DMV and Atlanta, you can hear his southern style blend these two cities. Though, there’s not a whole lot out there that could be compared to Benji, but that’s no issue when he sounds like this. Peep the video directed by WaterWippinEvan above.

Brakence – sauceintherough

Brakence is fresh out of Ohio and his sound is unlike anything the state has offered thus far. Teaming up with Daniel Jordan K and the wonderful people at Overcast, we see this lucid day in his life while he paints his nails and delivers a stellar gift of music. The style is futuristic, but blends a strong element of Punk(2). A sense of unforgiving passion fills our hearts when we hear Brakence leave it all on the line. This guy is going to be huge, hop on the train before its too late.

Roadrunner Savy & Midwest Millz – 2 Fa 5

Roadrunner Savy pairs with the legend Midwest Millz for the organically titled “2 Fa 5”. With an abundance of sticks and bread and while the smoke floods the air, we see this duo talk that street gospel. The minimalist instrumentation adds to the overall rugged tone. Fat Kid Films shot this one during an overcast day in the city, which adds another vivid element to the overall feel of this video. You gotta pay attention to these guys because it’s some next level work.

Ai Bendr – Love Me Low

Now, I think of Ai Bendr as a wondrous songstress that may sound like a familiar superstar. But even with her brief introduction to music still underway I am going to be incredibly bold here. I think Ai is going to be better than Billie and her voice is more powerful. “Love Me Low” is the moving cut above filled with passion at each turn. Her management sent me a few tunes some months back and trust us, she is going to be around for a while. Tap with Ai Bendr’s waves above.

Devin Burgess – Baritone

Devin Burgess is essentially an unknown genius who I rant and rave about any chance I can. He’s back again with a subtly smooth cut called “Baritone” where he spazzed over this production from Hiiigh10. The loop blended with percussion isn’t overtly complicated, but Devin bars out to the highest tiers. This guy is one of the best you’ve never heard of and I hope you evoke the change.

Reek & Sage Ft. Niko2k – Sundress

San Antonio power-duo Reek & Sage are back on our pages with the laid-back styling entitled “Sundress.” We can all relate to this one, but since Summer has been deemed useless this time around we’ll keep this one in the rotation until the world opens back up. Sage handles the instrumentation while Reek is the maestro from behind the mic. Sage doesn’t let the world entice him to change his production style, he wants to provide his own take at his own pace. Niko2K slides on this one to add yet another stellar attribute to this already fire cut.  Don’t sleep, it’s a solid groove too soothe the stress and ease the vibes.

Jack Kays – Morbid Mind

I posted this when the song dropped and now that the visuals are finally upon us, I had to run it back one time. Jack Kays new cut “Morbid Mind” is one of those songs that you will instantly feel when you hear it. That is the main point of art, to evoke emotion and Jack does just that. From his powerful vocals to the incredibly catchy strums of his guitar, Jack is proving why he’s a force to be reckoned with. The video was handled by John Buchanan and the good bros at Soul Serum. Now, a few months have passed and “Morbid Mind” is at half a million on Spotify. The video is at 40K and Jack is getting some serious attention. Happy to help with this young man’s journey, he is very deserving of the attention he’s getting. You heard it hear first, from the best, Daily Chiefers.



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