Tino Szn Emerges Gracefully With A Wild EP Titled, “Take Flight”


Tino Szn has been catching the attention of many as of late. Take Flight is his third project now, and his imminent success is becoming apparent to the masses. With five songs and only one feature, midwxstTino used Take Flight as the perfect platform to flaunt his musical ability.

The fifteen minutes you spend listening to Tino Szn‘s latest project will have you thinking about how ready he is for the world to hear him. With a unique ability to improvise new flows and melodies, Tino is drawing attention in the Hip-Hop community (and rightfully so). While “Chrome Hearts” seems to be a fan favorite, the other four songs are just as likely to be your own personal favorite. If you aren’t already hip to Tino Szn yet, now is a perfect time to be. The sixteen-year-old talent is making waves at a remarkably young age. If you take a look at the past, you’ll notice that tends to be a trend with legendary artists in the music game. Take a listen to Take Flight below!


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