Daily Chiefers Presents: Top Songs of the Week


They say with great power, comes great responsibility–and that’s true. So here at Daily Chiefers, where we’re shifting through any and everything that’s dropping, we take great pride in our Picks of the Week. Whether it’s an up and coming artist who needs a push like Atlanta songstress Payton, an established vet with a heater like Smoke DZA or somebody in between like Lucki, who’s looking to take that next step–we’re always here and we’re always informed. Take a look at our picks this week, which features appearances from Bennett, Mavi, Marco XO, BEAM, Breadwinna GDawg, and more.

Marco XO – BRB

2kBaby – Dreaming

Nascar Aloe – Do What I Want

BEAM – 95

Marcos G – Homebody

Gabriel Black – Fuck Up

Smoke DZA & Benny The Butcher – Drug Rap

Bennett – Sunshine

Mavi – Self Love

Payton – Narcotic

Lucki – 4 The Betta

Anklegod – Hurt My Soul

Devin Summers – Femme Fatele

Breadwinna GDawg – Text Back

Uno Hype – Pot of Gold



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