Daily Chiefers Survival Guide: Growing Your Streams


Everyone wants to know how to grow their streams on all DSP. There is no overnight success, and if you think there is, it’s a scam. Here are a few tips on how to do it the right way and capitalize on the music democratization made possible by the internet. 

 1. Make sure people pre-save your songs

Utilizing pre-save links can make or break your song success. If these platforms see that people anticipate the release, they (Spotify & Apple) will push it to more people. This can help with algorithmic plays and reach your followers on the platform. If you’re lucky, this could help with editorial playlisting.

2. Collaboration with others

Teamwork makes the dream work. Collaborate as much as possible with friends and people you make good music with. This only helps you reach new listeners and creates community, which will, in turn, help with your streaming and fan growth. 

3. Submit your song to editorial playlisting through the streaming services user interface 

As an independent artist, this is your best shot of getting in front of the people who curate these DSPs editorial playlists. These are highly sought-after placements, so the sad truth is you have to know someone to get in those. It sucks, but that’s the way of this music game.

4. It starts with the relationship with your fans

The most consistent way to see growth in any aspect of the music industry is by connecting with your core audience. This just being active on social media and in-person and building friendships with other musicians and music lovers. Helping you see growth in your music and it shows that you are making something deeper!

If you follow these steps you just might see some growth!


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