Exclusive: The Prince of Philly Returns with New Single, “STR8 DROP”


T$AN is certainly on his way to superstardom with the release of his second 2021 single, “STR8 DROP”. Immediately, blaring looped synths bring you into this intergalactic/hypersonic world where you are forced to pay attention to T$AN’s infectious delivery. T$AN’s vocals move with the beat, creating a synchronized wave of appropriate autotune that is accompanied by a very charismatic delivery.

The video for “STR8 DROP” showcases the creativity behind T$AN and his team, displaying distorted and colorful visuals. The setting of a skate park was perfect, as the track matched that unapologetic energy that skaters often carry. The camera cuts were quick and stimulating, showcasing an array of colors that served the purpose of creating an energy driven psychedelic experience. It is as if T$AN and his team put their own spin on AWGE’s 2017 aesthetic and pushed it to its limits. I guess that’s why T$AN exclaims in one of his verses that “All my n**gas bosses, I don’t fuck with losers”. T$AN is my personal favorite artist out of Philadelphia because he isn’t afraid to push the creative limits in a city that prefers its rappers to be street focused, vocally aggressive and traditional. 

T$AN is seemingly improving with every track and the budget provided by Columbia has helped in creating visual experiences that match his radiant artistry. Be on the lookout for T$AN’s upcoming single, ”Lights Out” off his T$ANBOX EP that has been rumored to feature Don Toliver and Lancey Foux, which is set to release at a later date. Check out the premiere of my favorite single to date from T$AN, below.

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