Damien Styles “Sweet Dreams, Darling” Is A Brutally Honest Love Note


Damien Styles doesn’t need your approval or your support, he’s tapped in already to such a diverse fan base. And with these new visuals for “Sweet Dreams, Darling” it’s seeming like his talent structure knows no bounds. In the midst of a world where people are afraid to be themselves, Styles basks in it. From what I told, this was written to a love of Damien‘s during a trying time in their relationship.

The lighting in these frames paints such an ominous mood only adding to how distressing these words are portrayed. You can hear the passion and it relates to those fucked up times in all of our relationships. The imperfections in his tone on this one paint the sky with heartbreak, all while he speaks to you directly through your screen. Do yourself a favor and peep this shit below.



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