DD Osama Asserts Himself as the King of New York


Sugarhill rapper DD Osama has been making some serious waves lately, even seeing a co-sign from the legendary, Drake, among many others. Just check his Instagram. After seeing his “40s N 9s” go completely viral on social media and within the New York rap community, DD Osama continues to push the brand forward with another single in “Letter to Notti,” and his viral freestyle on Gabe’s On The Radar media platform.

Currently, DD is streaming 3 million streams every seven days, and for a 16 year old that’s absolutely insane to say out loud. And before we know it, DD is going to be a household name. So get hip or be late. So until the new project drops, check out the drops below and stay tuned for more releases. You’re welcome.

Another one below.


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