Itsoverjorden Gets Personal on New Project “Human as Fuck”


Discovering new artists tends to be an everyday event for me, but for an artist to have replay value comes every blue moon. I can say that for Beverly Hills-based artist itsoverjorden as I stumbled upon his most recently released project titled Human as Fuck, and I can tell you now, you’ll be hooked from the very first track.

With the very first track of this project, titled “Heal Right,” itsoverjorden introduces us to learn more about himself. The uptempo production really commends his well-mixed vocals and unforgettable wordplay. The range in vocals displayed in this song alone really displays itsoverjorden’s versatility. The real ear-catcher is “This Song Might Suck,” which concludes the project. The indie-inspired track really showcases that itsoverjorden can truly do everything and do it well, too. 

This greatly-composed project is worth the listen as itsoverjorden gets real personal. The story-telling project can show you how he got to this point in his career, maneuvering through trials and tribulations while making his best music. Check out the project below and let us know what you think! 


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