Deadph0ne Drops a Laid-Back Vibe in “Relax with U”


The two-piece, NY-based collective Deadph0ne is one of the most intriguing upcoming acts in the indie pop scene. Coming off the sublime track, “Relax With U”. Where the lead vocalist known as Suciapath on Instagram, sets a peaceful aura delivering a soothing melodic chorus. More than halfway through we hear an interesting sonic shift to a fully engulfed techno/auto-tuned vocal presence. The entire piece is filled with introspective lyrical content surrounding relationships, entirely relatable to anyone that’s dealt with any kind of emotional struggle. The song comes together with a raw visual that flawlessly matches the songs chilled-out mood. If you’re looking for a change in ascetic or sound “Relax With U” is the track you need to have on your playlist!


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