Dee Gatti Shows Why She is The Up & Coming Face of R&B with the “Clear My Mind” Visuals


Dee Gatti is an exciting talent coming out of Fort Worth, Texas. As we see the resurgence in R&B’s popularity, It’s exciting to get some new faces in the genre. Gatti is easily one of the brightest musicians that I’ve seen as of late! “Clear My Mind” is easily one of her best records to date, and I’m glad it got a music video. The record is a smooth slow jam that we catch Gatti confessing her love for someone she’s moving on from. It seems to be a constant battle of figuring out the good and bad of this past relationship. The production is handled by Shraban, Nick Lamband Franco Pachero and is very nocturnal, giving the track a very moody feel. 

The visuals add a whole new dimension to the record. We get to see Gatti dealing with different women and smoking to clear her mind from the bullshit. The way they incorporated visual cues that coordinated with the lyrics kept the video exciting and entertaining. I love the FaceTime shots; I thought it was a creative way to add to the story! Make sure you catch this video below!


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