Fresh Finds: reggie, AG Club, Paris Texas, Pote Baby, and Daniel Price


Welcome to the first edition of our new segment, where we will be highlighting five upcoming artists that are making a buzz for themselves. This will be a place to uplift some talented musicians that we feel will only grow and make some of the best art out there! Hopefully, updating this list every few weeks to stay on the cutting edge of the ever-changing music industry.


reggie has been on my radar since his first release, “Southside Fade”, an ode to his hometown Houston. Since this release, we’ve seen dynamic growth in his fanbase and craft. Merging soulful R&B with the feel of a lot of alternative hip-hop reggie is a breath of fresh air and someone I’m excited to witness the growth of. Already getting cosigns from Smino, Kenny Beatsand  Monte Bookerit looks like he should have some exciting collaborations coming soon. Check out his latest release, “AIN’T GON STOP ME” below! 


This Bay Area rap collective found viral success at the tail end of 2020 with their breakout single “Memphis”. This year they have been dropping charismatic bangers and more melodic cuts like their latest release, “Youtube2mp3”. Gearing up for the release of their debut album, Fuck Your ExpectationsI’m looking forward to seeing the stylistic choices made by the collective since the previous EP. 

Paris Texas

When I say I was taken back by the visuals for “HEAVY METAL” I sincerely mean it! Paris Texas has some of the best creative directions out right now! The consistent theme of the janitors that clean up murder scenes is ingenious. From their music videos and Instagram posts, they don’t break character, and it’s fun to see this world-building. Their latest music video for “SITUATIONS” is one for the books! 

Pote Baby 

This is someone who makes infectious tracks that I could see going super viral in the near future. With the banging production of “In The Kitchen” I don’t know why this couldn’t be the next big TikTok hit. Pote Baby‘s delivery is what really makes him one of the most exciting acts coming out right now. Check out the high-energy “In the Kitchen” video below! 

Daniel Price

What can I say about Daniel that isn’t expressed on your first listen? This dude’s ear for harmonies and songwriting ability is unmatched. This guy is on the cusp of greatness, and I’m glad to have been tapped in early on. The release of his latest EP, Mirrored Youth, received some editorial playlisting on DSPs and is only the beginning of his take over! Check out the video for “Dayjob” below! 


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