Reese Youngn Goes Viral with “No More Parties” Remix


Pittsburgh artist Reese Youngn snaps on his rendition of “No More Parties” from Coi Leray. With Pittsburgh’s grit and his signature roar, he mimics the sweet sounds of Coi while making the track his own. Since the age of 10 Reese has been in the studio with one single goal in mind, to make the best art he can.

It seems with every drop Youngn tries something new, focusing on creating a better song than the last, and he treats this remix no different. With co-signs from Chicago darling Polo G, Meek Mill, Coi Leray, and many more, Reese Youngn is bound to be a star.

The remix is accompanied by a video shot by common collaborator and director, Treeburke. In the video Reese struts some fresh Palms Angels and Moncler pieces with the three river city in the background. Whipping in an SRT while making the viral “VRRRRRBRRR” sound. Overall, there is a reason why this song is going viral. Tap into Reese Youngn and his massive discography before it’s too late!


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