Deep Breaths


Deep breaths are a vital daily practice that promote relaxation, reduce stress, enhance focus, and benefit both our mental and physical well-being. Incorporating deep breathing into your routine is a simple yet effective way to lead a healthier, more balanced life. But shit we’ll quit all that yapping and remind you to peep this music while our government fucks up yet again. Have a safe weekend.

Randana & A$AP Ant – Addies

Ant is a staple in the rap, and “Addies” does a great job of introducing Randana to a broader audience. In this cut, we hear intoxicating punchlines gliding through the night sky aided by a bit of substance. Whatever that substance may be is none of our business, but alluding to the title we have a few guesses. Ant snaps and Randana does the same as well, overall this is a great cut to get faded within the fall, get hip.

Horse The One – Sum 2 Prove

HorseTheOne makes his first appearance on our pages with his cut “Sum 2 Prove”. Coming out of Tee Grizzley‘s camp, it’s only a matter of time before Horse catches his own momentum. “Sum 2 Prove” showcases a fusion of powerful percussive elements and rugged, emotionally charged lyrics. It’s not just about the cadence; it’s about the raw, intense emotions that Horse brings to the table. This one is a special moment to delve into, but don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself.

Mike Zombie And Teewhy G – Ghost

Mike Zombie is renowned for his infectious beats and the captivating end product that comes from it. “Ghost” featuring Teewhy G, is an amalgamation of talents shining straight from the start. Teewhy‘s charismatic presence and confidence come through in every line, making it an unforgettable experience. Zombie killed this Jersey Club-style effort, but the masterful pairing truly carried it home. Don’t sleep on “Ghost”.

Bucky Malone Feat. Sufi Hamilton – On My Time

“On My Time” is a rhythmic masterpiece, featuring introspective, yet free verses that delve into various aspects of life for Bucky. Malone is known for his clever wordplay, and and an ear for beats like none other. This feels like a retro-inspired set of production for our protagonist, but any beat selection he makes is top-tier. Bucky‘s distinctive flow and storytelling ability shine through with “On My Time”, so don’t miss another drop.


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