Cherele Is Making Noise With Her New Single “Ain’t Worried”


Cherele is not just another name to get swept under the rug. Instead, she has star qualities that the world hasn’t discovered yet. The new single “Ain’t Worried” has exploded onto the scene and now she’s back on our pages. Instead of being caught up in comparisons or what other artists may do, Cherele basks in her identity.

The confidence she exudes in her music is nothing short of inspiring. With each lyric she delivers, she unveils a powerful sense of self-assuredness that captivates her audience. Her words are a testament to her unwavering belief in her craft, and her delivery is marked by a fearless determination to conquer the game. “Ain’t Worried” is a great record to bring in new ears and remind the fans that she hasn’t lost a step. Unwavered vision for her career and the future pairs with sheer talent, so get hip to Cherele today.


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