Vayda Is Here to Stay With Her Latest Single “Adele”


In a world where female artists are taking over the rap game, Vayda, hailing from Atlanta, has been standing her ground and standing out with her music with singles such as “Bingo, Ice Cream Cake,” and many more. 

The Vayda train doesn’t stop here though, as she just blessed us with her newest single “Adele,” which consists of a subtle yet impactful chopped-up vocal sample mixed with an intricate and bouncy drum pattern.

After digging into her catalogue some more, I’ve come to realize that Vayda is the queen of versatility, switching flows like I switch outfits in the Winter. I’m glad that Vayda is in my daily rotation as her music is truly a breath of fresh air. Her talent is uncapped with a ceiling as tall as the stars and I’m here for her success. 


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