Weekends Are Underrated


No matter what happens, the weeks drag and the weekend flies but if you don’t learn to appreciate the little things in life, you’ll be miserable so make sure to get outside and get some Vitamin D and watch life unfold.

We don’t talk enough about Ty2Fly. After speaking with him in our interview, he excelled in levels that I didn’t think was possible but there’s also no denying Ty as he’s been consistent with the heat for his segment “2Fly 2sdays.” Definitely the chosen one.

One of my favorite artists to watch since 2021, Showjoe has been a superstar for a long time, creating his own wave and separating himself from the rest with his unique versatility and playful word play. “Fire Away,” has been stuck in my head since it dropped.

It feels right for me to pull out all my money from the bank to do a money spread with this beautifully composed anthem by IMSICKOFJUN. “Band 4 Band,” truly shows the confidence he brings to the table.


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