Dive Into Colby Lafayette’s Latest Offering “BUMPIN’ 16’s”


Colby Lafayette is new to the pages of Daily Chiefers, but after listening to his new single, “BUMPIN’ 16’s,” there’s a very strong likelihood that he’ll be back in no time. Lafayette is a Massachusetts native who decided to pack up his things and move to greener pastures in LA to pursue music full-time. It’s clear that he’s made the right career choice, and you’ll understand what I mean the second you press play. The bass-heavy track mixes a little bit of grunge, hip-hop, and a dash of funk making you stop and ask yourself “What am I listening to?” In a good way. This is just one of many fantastic tracks to add to the DND signee’s already impressive discography and we can’t wait to see what’s next to for the budding artist. Check it out below.


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