Dive Into Lunchbox’s Gritty New 22-Track Project, “Nightfall”


East Harlem’s Lunchbox has never been one to skimp on the goods, and now he’s dropped off a dense delivery coming in at 22 tracks deep in his latest outing, Nightfall. Known for his signature, melodic bounce, and excellent ability to pick genre-defining production, Lunchbox really taps into the meta on this newest drop.

Gritty, muffled deliveries float over crunchy synths and hi-hats, all while keeping the melodies bright enough to find yourself singing along while you roll your next J. Tracks like “Switch”, “Komodo”, and “Bl00d like a bug” are personal standout favorites that provide a perfect sampling of what’s going on here. Don’t do yourself a disservice, make sure you tap into Nightfall ASAP below!


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