Rot Ken Is Back With “Foreign” Music Video


After recently being released, Rot Ken is back and delivers with this music video for “Foreign”. While this track is the lead song off his project “Free Me”, the video is a great way to give his fans something after coming home.

Now if you haven’t heard this song yet it’s time you do. Produced by Taz Taylor, JetsonMade, and Jasper Harris is this beat that Ken rides so well. Having a voice and sound unlike anyone else, he really showcases that in this track. The melodic range he has is unreal and it makes you want to scream every lyric with him. The thing that works so well with Rot Ken too is that he just talks about what’s going on in his life and even if you can’t relate to it, the sound just captivates you. For the video Man Films directed it giving us plenty to stay entertained. Rot Ken is a true talent and I can’t wait to see what he has for us next.



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