Diz And Frank Sativa Link Up For The Highly-Anticipated Collab “SOULFOOD”


Diz and Frank are two leaders of the new school, both paving lanes that are uncommon in the modern realms of music. They don’t need any sort of pitch-corrected assistance, instead, they let their true talents bleed onto the paper anytime they create. “Soulfood” is just that, a stellar amalgamation of talents meeting in the middle to gift the fans something they have been waiting for.

The warm sample starts things off and Diz follows through with his poignant swing of soliloquies. Then Frank pulls up from behind the arc with a masterful set of flows to accent Diz‘s precursor. A common theme I hear with both of these young artists is the fact that they have a strong sense of musical identity. There are some new stylings when it comes to their sound, but the reach never seems too off-kilter or outlandish.

This duo could literally cook up a full-length project together and it would garner some major attention, but until then, this should hold the people over. Regardless this offering is something special for the world to get hip to, so do yourself a favor and peep the gas below.


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