Starr Skii Sets Herself Apart From Her Philly Contemporaries On “Hoe Touch”


The majority of music currently coming out of Philly lives within one of two lanes. Thanks to Tik Tok, Philly Club music has become what the city has been known for as well as the street rap that has been baked into the city’s musical culture for years. However, Starr Skii looks to pave the way for a new lane in Philly music. With dynamic, in-your-face flows, “Hoe Touch” puts Skii’s lyrical ability and rambunctious energy on full display.

“Hoe Touch” serves as Starr‘s first single of the year outside of a remix to “Broke In A Minute” she put out a month ago. Despite not dropping since 2020, Starr is already garnering attention from the likes of Glorilla, and Philly rappers YungLiv and Oz Sparx, among others. Check out the song below.


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