Friday Heat Check: Charli XCX, Unusual Demont, Kyle Dion & More!


Hot Girls by Charli XCX

Charli XCX has tapped back into the space I enjoy most. With the gritty production and booming bass, “Hot Girls” is easily my favorite record of hers in a while. Her chanty singing adds the abrasive elements of the song, and I find it so enjoyable. I love when she steps away from the traditional pop singles and creates a masterpiece like this.

Heatwave by Kyle Dion

“Heatwave” is an airy jam with great vocals and a lot of replay value. Kyle Dion has something special going on, on this record. The way he matches the instrumentation makes for a song instantly; I gravitated toward it. I recommend this to be played poolside.

Sugar by Unusual Demont

Unusual Demont has been an artist that I’m always on the lookout for new music from them. “Sugar” is precisely what I needed and when I needed it. This song captures the essence of just loving the person you’re with and admiring how special they are. Check out this track, and let me know what you think!

Father Figure by Bliss Samsa

This is the first song I’ve heard by Bliss Samsa, and I’m blown away by how excellent the record is. “Father Figure” is pure expression, and Samsa’s versatility on the record is unmatched. I love the psychedelic production, and the falsetto tones he hits make for a blissful listen. This is a one-of-one artist and has an excellent record.

Hialeah by Heath240

Come on; you had to see this coming; I’m going to have to sneak it into my article. Heath240 just dropped the follow-up in his music video trilogy! “Hialeah” is a smooth alternative hip-hop and R&B track that pays homage to his girlfriend’s hometown. This is one of my favorite songs because of the emotional intimacy I give in the lyrics. There’s no cap in this rap; everything in it is factual, and I wanted to capture my relationship in the best light possible. Please show some love!

Grasshopper by Clark D (ft Maye Star) 

Clark D and Maye Star are a duo that I need more records from. “Grasshopper” is a gritty hip-hop record with some exciting production. I love the nuances that Clark added to the instrumentation; it makes it so addicting. The lyrics and cadence are impeccable as well! This is one of my favorite records to come out of Boston this year! Namaste!


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