Diz’s Pleas For Better Days On “Fair Weather” Cut Deep


As much as people love music that gets them turnt, we have a fascination with music that is gut-wrenching and painful. Whether XXXTentacion‘s “Jocelyn Flores” or the heartbroken croons of Juice Wrld‘s music, those who meticulously illustrate pain and sorrow in their music hold a place in our hearts that no amount of woo walking can stave off. Boston rapper Diz‘s new track “Fair Weather” sees the artist in agony over a dynamic and harrowing instrumental.

“I need space right now ‘cuz you left me out to dry, I need space right now ‘cuz you took the other side, you brought fear in my life.”

In the same vein as Earl Sweatshirt or MAVI, Diz‘s flow is delivered in a way that, although written meticulously, feels freestyled and like he’s venting to a close friend. Check the track out below.


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