Dom Corleo Continues Elevating With New Single “Ginseng”


Dom Corleo is a name I’ve been hearing alot recently. The California rapper recently blew up the charts with his single “Penthouse Shordy”, and he continues his rise to the top with the release of his newest single “Ginseng”. The consistency has elevated Dom alot and helped him build a core fanbase that whole-heartedly supports his music.

“Ginseng” is a catchy masterpiece that beautifully samples Yung Lean‘s “Ginseng Strip 2002”. Dom‘s flow is also off the charts, delivering quick bars back to back and proving that he really is an extremely versatile artist. My favorite part of the track had to be when Dom switches his flow on the second verse, it completely caught me off guard. Special shoutout to Alex Jr. Gomez for the production of these dope visuals as well. The video is simple but does a great job of reflecting Dom‘s personality and brand. This track is a smash hit, and you’d be doing yourself a favor if you checked it out. “Ginseng” is linked down below.


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