Smokingskul and Xanman Link up with Moshpxt for New Video “If U Was Me”


Smokingskul has had a crazy come-up in the underground over the past year. Flexing his uniquely deep voice to deliver considerably memorable punchlines, the South Florida native has been at the helm of the bubbling dark plug scene and has recently revealed a release date for his highly anticipated EP Nat CapIn preparation for the EP, Smokingskul has since linked up with DMV veteran Xanman to shoot Moshpxt-directed video for their bombastic new single, “If U Was Me.”

When it comes to music videos, if you see “directed by Moshpxt” you can pretty much guarantee that you’re in for a ride. “If U Was Me” is no different. The visual masterpiece highlights the young artists’ punchy, illustrative one-liners over the thumping instrumental. Flooding you with a sea of hilarious quotable and witty wordplay, Smokingskul and Xanman set the precedent for what to expect with Nat Cap EP coming next Friday. If you haven’t had a chance yet, peep the fire video for “If U Was Me” below. You won’t regret it.


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