Dom Corleo Drops Music Video for “Hype”


Bay Area native Dom Corleo gives us his first music video of 2022 for “Hype”. Attacking 2022 at a different angle than before, this song is just a preview for what’s to come. Being in the underground the same sound is getting repetitive and that’s why he giving us something different. Starting the song off with this elegant piano beat, it quickly changes up and then Dom Corleo shows us what he’s got. Taking his emotions and putting them into lyrics you can’t help yourself from feeling this connection to what he’s saying. For the video he had Siennaburmess shoot it which turned out amazing. Giving us this visual story to follow with the song and portraying how Dom feels perfectly you are drawn in from start to finish. I’m excited to see what Dom has for us in the rest of 2022 but until then “Hype” will be on repeat. 



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