Don’t Miss Jay Montana’s Latest Project, “The Vulture”


Mobile, Alabama has increasingly found itself mentioned in the conversations of regional hotbeds, and with talents like Jay Montana making their way it’s easy to see why. Having been one of the more prolific and consistent artists to pave a path from Alabama, Montana has blessed listeners with 9 mixtapes since kicking things off back in 2019. Now, he’s back with a project that is likely to be held in a class all it’s own compared to the rest of his body of work.

The Vulture is a tightened up delivery featuring a mix of Montana‘s signature Mobile-found melodies, with some new inspiration of Atlanta-style production. It’s a refreshing innovation to hear the Alabamian sound further fuse with modern ATL sonics, and we’re lucky to have someone like Montana to continue pushing the envelope. Highlights on the project like “Hood N—a Arrangements”, and “Handguns” are sure to have listeners crawling back for more. Do yourself a favor and dive into this bag of gas today!


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