E The Profit Unleashes His Stunning Debut Mixtape “E For Effortless”


Now you know I’m biased to this one a bit, but truly E The Profit is flourishing into something great right before our eyes. He’s been consistently dropping stellar sounds for the past 6 months and only had 10 songs out to the public before this release. These calculated plays have caused some separation between him and the common artist around his way, but there is no massive ego that follows this kid around.

I had a chance to witness how he interacts with people at a local radio interview and without any sort of media training, he moved with kindness and respect. You could tell he was happy to be there and thrilled to see people responding well to his art. The soft-spoken demeanor went out the window when they asked about the music. You could feel the passion when he spoke, only furthering the fact that he’s meant to do this shit. Still remaining calm and collected, his confidence never dwindled.

Now to the music. “Who Is E The Profit” is an incredible intro and brief taste of what’s ahead. The punchlines aren’t going to go over your head, but the easy-to-digest approach is what’s endearing to the ear. “Money Calling” is a special record with another video featuring cinematic direction from Jordan Phillips.

But to be perfectly honest there isn’t a song on here that loses momentum or even comes close to fumbling. With production from Rocco Roy, DC, and Coach Cam, there is a common theme to these beats. They all do away with the antics and take our minds to a darker realm. This is a hell of a debut for E The Profit, do yourself a favor and peep the gas below.


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