Donte Thomas and Bocha Team Up With MFnMelo For “Tired of Smoke In My Eyes”


Portland duo Bocha and Donte Thomas recently joined forces with Chicago artist MFnMelo to bring us their latest single “Tired of Smoke In My Eyes.” Bocha and Donte had recently paired up for their collab project BUDS which was one of my favorite projects of last year, and are now starting the year off strong with this track.

Donte and Bocha have proven time and time again they’re top lyricists in rap right now, and pairing up with Pivot Gang collaborator and Chicago icon MFnMelo makes for the perfect mix of unique flows, clever lyricism, and hard-hitting deliveries over Cammy P’s groovy production. Every artist on this track has been making waves in the underground scene for long enough now and it’s only a matter of time for them so make sure to check out “Tired of Smoke In My Eyes” below.


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