TJOnline of grouptherapy. Delivers New Single “Sweet”


LA-based collective grouptherapy. consisting of TJOnline, Jadagrace, and SWIM just came out with their latest single “sweet”, featuring an impressive solo performance from TJOnline. grouptherapy. began as a source of therapy for the three young creatives, using music as a way to release their lifetime worth of experiences they shared at a young age. This track is used as a vessel for TJ to become more comfortable in his own skin and really takes the purpose back to the roots of grouptherapy.

“I’d been out for a few years when I made “sweet” but still very ashamed. It’s always been hard for me to feel comfortable.”

Having felt like an outlier for so long, here’s TJ’s attempt to pull everything together and say ‘this is me, take it or leave it.’ In addition to the vocals, TJ also produced the track so it truly is an all-around representation of himself and his creative process. Having just gone through a breakup before making this track, TJ was searching for a song to speak on what he was feeling and experiencing at the time but wasn’t able to find anything so he took the liberty of making the song himself for anyone going through a similar situation. 

“Sweet is a bad thing where I come from. I’m something not everybody is going to like. I am who I am and I fuck with it.”

This is a pure testament to TJ and him finding himself, so make sure to check out the new track below.


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