T- Bruin Drops Off The Visuals For His Latest Wave “Sun Gazing”


There are few real wordsmiths who really pique my interest and I think we have to add this young man into the conversation. T-Bruin is yet another name to know coming out of NYC and he basks in his strong fundamentals. With an ear for rich production which was handled by Matt Martin, we hear the infectious sample chops painting the sky right from the beginning.

“Sun Gazing” is aptly titled because the feeling it creates illuminates your soul.

“And they say how you leave is based on how you enter”

stayed with me from this cut because it showcases knowing when the time is right to execute or leave it alone. Bruin mentions as well the ups and downs of this game, dealing with fake people and those who don’t deserve to influence the field as much as they do.

From the patterns of the percussion to Bruin‘s baritone delivery, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world taps into what’s going on. You can tell he’s a real student of the game and wants to bring authentic viewpoints to his music. Patrick Downer framed Bruin and his lady in a beautiful light, making this video something special for everyone involved. Don’t get left behind when it comes to T-Bruin and his wave, he’s onto something serious.


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