DRTYLAUNDRY And Jazel “Drift Away” On New Collab


Multifaceted Arizona artist, DRTYLAUNDRY, has never been one to box himself into any one sound or genre, and through that boundary pushing creative process he’s now landed on his new beautiful and enriching track “DRIFT AWAY”. DRTYLAUNDRY having experience in singing, songwriting, production and rapping is able to fully compose any type of track, making for a consistently fluid and cohesive sound across his entire catalog. There’s a special energy behind tracks that are self written and self produced that can’t be achieved any other way. The soothing production and heartfelt vocal performances are what drew me into this track, but the personal and DIY feeling behind it are what made me stay and replay it over and over.

The track also features impressive vocals from Jazel, really bringing the track together with harmonies and layers giving the hooks new life. This is the first track I’d heard from DRTYLAUNDRY, but after giving his back catalog a spin I’d definitely recommend giving his tracks a deep dive. Make sure to check out “DRIFT AWAY” below.


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