Worry Club Makes Time Stand Still With Their Cut “Knocking On Wood”


The Club with an abundance of Worries is back yet again, but they have brought along their most anticipated drop yet. “Knocking On Wood” is infectious, high-energy tuneage that will run rampant through your frontal lobe all day.

I recently had the chance to see this powerful quartet live in Cincinnati last week and their performance doesn’t lack for a bit. Whether they’re opening for Tom The Mailman or just rocking another stop on the tour, these men give the audience a real show every time.

This impromptu jam sesh caught some great momentum on Tiktok and the group had to actually record what they had come up with on the spot. The translation is phenomenal and we wouldn’t be surprised if this one turned into a smash. The groundwork is already there, but these boys won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Peep it all below.


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