Dulu Releases Exciting Single “Bring it Back”


Very rarely is an artist creating a lane completely their own, but Dulu is blending his inspiration from the recent hyperpop wave with Hip-Hop deliveries and it’s definitely coming together for something special. The up-and-coming artist recently dropped his latest single “Bring it Back”, which mixes with his punchy flows and catchy hooks. This in turn makes for an uncommon wave, definitely crafting a new genre with every drop. 

Dulu has been on a steady incline since the release of his debut single “Facetime” in 2020, finding and polishing his sound with every release. With such a unique approach to music, I love seeing Dulu get his flowers with this new track, and it’s only going to become more and more undeniable as he continues to build. Make sure to check out the new single, “Bring it Back”, below.


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