Friday Heat Check: Maeko, 100 Gecs, Duke Deuce, And More!


Cool by Maeko

Maeko has been finding viral success with his latest single “Cool”. The song exploded on TikTok over the past weeks and there has been an enscapaiable appetite for the record. “Cool” brings back that 2010s indie-pop feel; very reminiscent of MGMT. What really sold me on the record is the infectious hook, it’s something most pop stars wish they could write. Music doesn’t get much better than this song and I’m rooting for Maeko’s success!

Doritos & Fritos by 100 Gecs

“Doritos & Fritos” is an odd mixture of reggae rock and industrial electronic music. Going into any 100 Gecs song we are expecting a strange hybrid of genres but this one is more surprising than you would think. This record once again shows how they have pushed to create something that has not been done before! The lyricism is ass peculiar as the production choices but it all comes together in the best way possible. This is a song that will broaden your taste in music.

Sober by Superflirt

“Sober” is an interesting take on drinking culture in America. Superflirt is able to intertwine personal lyricism within societal issues; I find this to be magnificent social commentary and show the artist’s awareness. On the production side of the record, the strumming guitars are calming and I love how punchy the drums are. It makes for the perfect backdrop for Superflirt’s angelic vocals! I can’t wait to hear more from this artist in the near future!

Cool Guy by Girlhouse

This song will have you feeling like you laying out in the sun daydreaming about all of the best things life has to offer. “Cool Guy” by Girlhouse is a dream-pop banger that is absolutely breathtaking. The songwriting is so tight on the record, lyrics like “you’re such a cool guy maybe on the outside; raise a glass for the nights that won’t last” stand out to me. Also, the video for the song is comical because it follows Michael Myers, doing random activities. Definitely check this out!

Running Out Of Love by Duke Deuce

Duke Deuce has taken a very different approach to his latest song “Running Out Of Love”. On the record we see him taking on a more rock-centric persona and singing over a guitar riff. We’ve come to know him for his Tennesse crunk style but this record is refreshing. It’s always great to see artists branch out from what they normally do to be more creative.

Wasted by Dev Soter ft Stefan Thev

Dev Soter has a hit with “Wasted”! This is an ode to the early 2000s and begins me back to my childhood. With the ripping guitars and clashing hi-hats; the song is a perfect blend of old and new. The lyrics center around someone falling out of love with you and trying to cope with that. Stefan Thev gives a great feature on the record that really changes the dynamics of the song!



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