S9acecat Gifts Us Mere Mortals His Aptly Titled EP “Wįżård”


S9acecat is a weird character but in all of the best ways and we see his experimentation bleed through every track he presents to the public. Wįżård is an off-kilter 5-song EP filled with varieties of instrumentation around every corner. This kid is truly a musical genius but also carries a serious pen when it comes to crafting these songs.

“Błåçk Mågįç” casts a spell upon us all and drives us through the atmospheric sky. “Praise Satan” is a real blast and nothing like the title would initially give off. “Ergot” is such a mind-bending way to end this project and evokes emotions that will have you missing your childhood.

Overall the subtle imperfections that S9acecat gives from his vocal approach cause us to be encapsulated by the sounds. It’s interesting and it’s honest passion from a rising artist, not much more you can ask from a musician. Do yourself a favor and tap into this gas below, good job Wizard.


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