Music Is Like Pasta


Music is like pasta. If I’m in the mood for some Fetticiune Alfredo, and someone puts a massive helping of Baked Ziti in front of me, I will not be pleased. Now some might say, “cmon, we know you can’t resist you dense fatty”, but if I’m not in the mood, I’m not in the mood. Good music is subjective because of opinion, taste, and your own personal truths about the world. And if you’ve been looking forward to listening to a certain song or album, a replacement will never quench the auditory thirst.

My ear fiends for diverse styling that only a number of genres can truly fulfill. Below is just that, a flavor for every taste realm and a new tempo for every cadence. Pop, Punk, Hyperpop, R&B, Rap and even more is below. We all have different tastes, emotions and needs, so why get hyper-critical of someone else’s favorites. Just have seat, grab a slice of gabagool and peep the gas below.

Papichuloteej – Maybe That’s Just It!

Teej is a real star and he continues to win over the masses with just good music. This one is called “Maybe that’s just it” and the high-paced lucid dream takes you away for a moment. Teej has grown more comfortable in higher ranges of tone and he pushes himself to new heights here. Even though this feels like a simplistic cut, the groupings of waves and layering make for a wondrous cohesive package. Teej doesn’t have a ceiling, quite literally the sky is the limit and it’ll be great to see this man grow into a household name.

Dzh – Dante’s Inferno

New Jersey’s Dzh came onto my radar after a bro hit me and since then I am thoroughly impressed. In ten cuts we hear aggression, passion, and just fine-tuned skill all rattling atop the precise percussion. The cut that really gave me energy was “Ethic”. This cut is a combination of ruckus drums and bass, paired with Dzh‘s stellar skillset. “A Promise Kept” hit me as well because of the introspective elements of looking inward at his demons. A very relatable and vulnerable cut, spilling his truth out to the world. Dzh is on one, peep the gas above.

C4Y – 4.1

C4Y is the new Chicago, simple and plain. This young man is getting production from some of the greats. Akachi, Icey, Snapz, and TM88 all have given this young man a canvas to paint with his colorful rendition of life. On 4.1 we got another pack of illuminating instrumentation which is obviously regular for C4Y to run with. He sounds like this is that moment right before the flood gates are opened. When you have icons like this helping you craft the sound, it’s really only a matter of time before the world catches on. Get hip to C4Y today.

Drinkwatershane Featuring Tommy Richman – After You

Two of my talented homies from VA linked up to showcase how the fuck they do things. Drinkwatershane and Tommy Richman combined talents to created a super-fusion of hyperpop and punk. This sound child that has been birthed is unlike anything the mainstream has to offer. And to be honest these are the type of artists who are going to change the landscape of music altogether. Shane starts things off in a magnificent manner and Tommy rounds out the day in the end. Don’t sleep these kids are super gas.

Peak, KultarGotBounce & Shally Rehal – Outlaw

We head North to this latest release from Canadian vocalists PEAK and Shally Rehal and producer KULTARGOTBOUNCE. The song is called “Outlaw” blends a hook by PEAK and smooth Punjabi vocals on the verses from Rehal. Even though my dumb American ass cannot understand what Rehal is saying, emotion is all that matters in the world of music. Both of these vocalists keep my attention from start to finish, which is a real feat in the name of modern music. All I ever ask from the music is that it makes me feel something and “Outlaw” did just that, peep it all above.


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