dyl dion Is Another Rising Star You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


dyl dion was put on my radar by a friend of mine and the purest of friendships are built with foundations of musical taste. dyl is 17, and it seems like these new generational talents start finding their gifts at earlier stages than their predecessors. Regardless dion‘s total artistic package exudes something that a lot of others lack, true identity. This young man was born in New Jersey but moved to North Carolina in his pre-pubescent years. Though it was Wilmington specifically that sparked his true dive into his musical talents.

“Cannot Be Bothered” is dion‘s most recent effort which dropped in late November of last year. This infectious opus isn’t limited to a metaphorical ceiling of any sort. “Pouring Outside” is uniquely auditorially gorgeous and showcases a bit more of dion‘s personality. And “Meant nothing to me” might be my favorite of the trio because of dyl‘s vocals atop some Rugrats-theme-music synths. Aside from that, the melodic blends this kid drops off are at such a pristine level already. Below this budding genius shared some brief insight on music, life, and plans for the future. Get acquainted with the kid below and we’ll talk to you soon.

DC –  You’ve been crushing it lately, what inspired you to make “Pouring Outside”?

dyl –  I was going through a period where I felt like I was being overly consumed by my phone. Eventually, I decided to throw it on do not disturb, zen out, and detach. I make all of my music in my room next to a window, and when I wrote pouring outside, it was actually a rainy day. The song was definitely inspired by the environment I was in and how I was feeling at this time!

DC –  I hear that, where are you from?

dyl –  So I was born in New Jersey, and lived there till I was twelve. After that, I moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. That is where I found myself spending a lot more time on music. I guess it’s because I didn’t know anyone in school and felt more at ease spending time with myself.

DC –  What’s it like in Wilmington, North Carolina?

dyl –  It’s a peaceful college town that sits right by the coast. It’s definitely growing. A lot of people from the north are migrating here ….it’s just been getting built up.

DC – Who are some of your influences?

dyl – The first artist that comes to mind is Joji. The way he approaches music is a way I connect with him. I think Aries would also top my list. He’s done everything himself and built an entire brand independently. He seems very authentic. My parents were musicians and played folk music around the house, so I’m sure that’s impacted me in a way. Oh yeah, I remember Jack Johnson being played a lot too”.

DC –  What are future plans?

dyl – To simply just release music that I feel confident in, to find my sound, and develop really cool visuals to accompany the songs. I feel like if I do all of the little things the right way, big things will happen


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