Dyl Dion’s Video For “Pouring Outside” Is One Of The Best You’ll See All Year


Dyl is an amalgamation of many talents, but crafting songs like this in your late teen years and into early adulthood is astounding. To make music like this one must possess an old soul and “Pouring Outside” only backs that sentiment up. Linking with Tommy Bauer on the direction we see Dyl bleed his emotion on the screen, skies, and the world surrounding him.

The shots are cinematic bliss to say the very least, but with each passing scene transition, it’s as if you cannot become more entranced by your screen. The tune is already so catchy with 11 million streams on Spotify and soon to be 12. But aside from stats, the music is unreal.

Dion has encompassed the attention of the Tiktok but is so much more than just another artist playing karaoke. The pen of this swordsman is bound to make a real impact in music. With each passing day, you might want to ask yourself why you haven’t been tapped in already. It’s because you’re absent-minded and not paying attention to real talent, get hip below.


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