Friday Heat Check: JID, Baird, Stefan Thev and More!


Bruddanem by JID (Ft. Lil Durk)

“Bruddanem” is a soulful cut from JID. We get some charismatic flows and harmonies on the hook. I love when JID gives us a soulful feeling on the record. Following one of his best hooks to date, he gives us a ridiculous verse. He’s easily one of the best lyricists in the game right now and his level of technical skill is unprecedented. However, I’m not blown away by Lil Durk‘s feature, I feel like it waters down an excellent record.

Easy On Them Turns v2 by Baird (FT Kevin Abstract)

Baird decided to revamp the already impeccable “Easy On Them Turns”. This version is honestly my favorite version of the song with new production and fire first verse. I love the new elements he brought in for the remix it feels like a fresh song. We also get a verse from Kevin Abstract who I’m always excited to hear on a record. I love the chemistry on the record and you will definitely see me bumping this!

sex! money! violence! by STEFAN THEV

STEFAN THEV has been making a name for himself and continues his string of releases with “sex! money! violence!”. This song has been getting teased on TikTok and that grew my appetite for the record. Finally, I get to hear it in full and it doesn’t disappoint. The hook is an earworm and has such a cool aesthetic to it. I’m a fan and you should be too; check it out here!

Spend it by NOFUN!

If you’re a fan of Paris Texas, Junior Varsity, or AG Club; let me introduce you to NOFUN!. This rap collective is genre-bending and ready to fuck up the current music landscape. “Spend it” feels like some surfer rock with hip-hop undertones. I got sent this yesterday and I instantly fell in love with the record. It’s well executed and refreshing in the current climate of music.


“Stone Cold!” is pure energy but is that surprising coming from JELEEL!. I Love the mixture of aggression and harmonies, making it a hyphy song with replay value. Each drop it seems like JELEEL! is cracking the code more and working way to a massive hit. I feel that he has just at the beginning of a long career with many great performances and records.

Yukon (Interlude) by Joji

Honestly, there’s nothing to say besides it’s beautifully written. Just watch it below!


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