E The Profit Returns With His Pristine Visuals For “Watch”


E is one of the best rising artists in Kentucky, and the surrounding states as well. With each release, another notch goes in the belt and it’s on to the next, but “Watch” is a song that will create a real moment when it’s performed live. You can hear the confidence building and the mode that E is in right now cannot be cooled down.

Linking yet again with Rocco Roy. for the production and Creativeflow on the direction and edits, this one takes indistinct scenery and turns it vivid. Letting the beat breathe with this spaced-out cadence is a new look for E, but I think it sticks in a more memorable manner. Not to discredit his past work, but the new is extending the reach farther and showcases sheer strides with development.

In the midst of the modern music scene, there are a few artists with real identities. Those who know what works for their talents and what will not. E The Profit has faith in his abilities to drive the job home and until the world knows the name, the job’s not finished. Peep the gas below.


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