E The Profit Is Back With His Stunning Set Of Visuals For “Dutches”


This is what music is all about, pushing yourself creatively and really developing the art with each release. E has a small amount of music out, but the sheer progress he’s brought to the table is astounding, especially in this short amount of time. E For Effortless dropped last Fall and the second tape, 2 Effortless dropped in April, so with just two mixtapes in rotation, we have only seen a brief glimpse of what he can bring to the table.

Dutches was produced by Coach Cam and he set the scene with the lush synthetics. With direction from Jordan Phillips, Ethan Dickens, and another round of stellar drone shots from Eric Olano, this total package has been translated into nothing other than cinematic bliss. E is one of those ones and he’s willing to go the distance. Peep the gas in its entirety below.


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