E The Profit Pairs With Roadrunner TB For Their Booming New Single “Cheat Sheet”


E is having a phenomenal run right now, but it’s truly only the beginning. Amidst the chaos full of frills and gimmicks, this Kentucky-bred being delivers unwavering confidence with each drop. This time around he linked up with another rising star from Cincy, Roadrunner TB. These two have some of the best music coming out of the midwest region, but it’s because of their consistent commitment to quality.

“Cheat Sheet” is arrogant, but brilliantly authentic and allows each of these young guns a shining opportunity to talk that shit. With production from Moneyy, the tempo curates a ball of momentum, unlike anything we’ve heard before. Yes, this could be considered another quintessential Detroit-inspired beat, but the feeling is completely different. There is a certain rare energy that follows E and TB around and they fully own it. Leaning into their greatness is only the first step, so let’s see where the road takes them next. Stream this gas below.


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