Hoodfamousj Is Wonderfully Terrifying On His New Track “Murder”


If West Philly rapper Hoodfamousj didn’t have you intimidated on his last track “Silly Rabbit“, “Murder” will leave you both petrified and intoxicated. As advertised, “Murder” details J‘s violent escapades in the streets of Philly. Starting the verse with “get close to see good” sets the stage for Hoodfamousj‘s┬ástories detailing vividly what he does to anyone who tries him.

He illustrates this with lines like “hanging with a big mouth, now he can’t chew chips” and “sip a lil wok and smoke opps to boost it”. However, opp talk aside, you can’t deny J’s storytelling ability, unique gruff vocals, and clever punch lines on “Murder”. Stay tuned for more as Hoodfamousj is set to release his EP 4 5 on Friday!

Check out the song and the Ant Visions directed video below!


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