Hoodfamousj Releases Menacing New Track “Silly Rabbit”


Philadelphia’s rap scene has always been known for its intense lyrics and gritty flows. However, West Philly rapper Hoodfamousj takes this foundation to a whole new level. His new track “Silly Rabbit” and accompanying visual taunts the opposition with clever punchlines, a menacing delivery, and infectious energy.

Take the first line of the song for example, “Silly rabbit in a zip he dead, tried to wheelie but them tricks for kids, foenem leave a n***a stuck, couple shots got em drunk.”

J, nicknamed Aydoe by his fans, ties popping wheelies back into the ‘silly rabbit’ metaphor for those who are against him. He continues by using the double entendre of a gunshot and a shot of alcohol to explain what would happen if he catches you lacking. “Silly Rabbit” comes as the lead track from his upcoming EP 45 so stay tuned for more from the Philly rapper. Check out “Silly Rabbit” below!



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